About the clinic

Includes the following departments:

The Medical Center is fitted with high-tech medical equipment

The doctors at the Medical Center Baden-Baden are leading specialists with many years of experience at university centers and specialized clinics in Germany.

Close interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists at the center, as well as cooperation with German university clinics play an important role in diagnostics and treatment. Due to this, it is possible, without wasting time, to organize additional consultation or examination by colleagues at the center, or, based on the diagnosis, to refer for a surgery to the best highly specialized clinics.

The specialists of the Medical Center are members of medical societies, they are multiple awarded with prizes, involved in teaching activities, regularly attending professional refresher courses.

The Roomers Hotel is located in the complex with the Medical Center Baden-Baden. We offer to undergo diagnostics, rehabilitation or weight loss programs, as well as burn-out, detox, anti-aging, living at the same time in the new 5-star Design Hotel. The hotel is the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018 winner.

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